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The easiest way to get your finances organized

Take control of your financial life:

  • Easy to use, simple and intuitive
  • Multiple accounts, categorization, and tailored reports
  • You'll find your information: direct and fast

Multiple accounts

You can manage as many accounts as you want, you can add credit card accounts, current account, savings account and manage them freely, everything in its place, it is practicality.


Expenses and gains can be organized into categories, so it is much easier for you to find your bills and see the subtotals by category to find out where you need to save, or you can spend more.

Lançamentos automaticos

With one or two clicks you can make the entry recur automatically, for example for fixed expenses as a monthly payment of your fine arts course, No more repetitive work!


Ahh yes, you can see all of your transactions on very useful graphics, now it's easier to understand what is happening with your money, and of course you'll be able to plan better with (hopefully) beautiful graphics. Nobody lives only in numbers!


Various tools to increase your visibility on your financial life and show the best alternative to financing and interest rates, better understand how credit cards and some other utilities. (coming soon)